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A Bit About Me

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My interest in education was sudden- one day, I said to myself, I love history and I want to teach. So, I got myself a degree in teaching (B.Ed) and thus, began my journey. 

I started by teaching in two private schools in Delhi and Noida. I got the chance to teach both CBSE and IGCSE history curriculums. Alongside history, I also taught political science to middle and senior students.

During this time, I received a fellowship from the Regional Resource Centre for Elementary Education at University of Delhi to pursue an active research on how history can be learnt by creating meaningful learning experiences. I used field visits to explore deeper questions on historical thinking and processes. This got me excited to know more about education - to study all the factors from policy and learning principles to school leaders and teachers and the children themselves who make learning a unique experience in every classroom. 

An MA in Education seemed natural. From there on, I have worked with education organisations, schools, government education departments and textbook experts, NGOs, and private individuals, constantly adding to my repertoire. But, the more I learn, the more I realise that there is more to know! And this keeps me excited and passionate about the work I do. 

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